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Smart Traveler, Avoid 5 Trivial Mistakes Like This

Trivial mistakes made by a traveler you should no longer do because the consequences are quite.

In addition to losing time you can also lose costs by making various trivial mistakes that you should be able to prepare earlier when you are still at home or while still in the country if your destination is abroad.

In order not to make the same mistake, write down a few mistakes that you don’t need to do next.

Wrong costume

The mistake that still often occurs for tourists from Indonesia is choosing the wrong costume when traveling abroad.

There are a number of tourists who lack research on the weather that is going on overseas when departing from the country.

For example, when you come to Macau or Hong Kong at the beginning of the year, you should use double clothes to fight the cold air and also prepare clothes for the rainy season.

Likewise when traveling to Japan because not all areas of Japan will be covered with snow in the winter. There are still some cities that have cool weather and are still comfortable to visit.

Wrong Booking Date

Even though it sounds very trivial, the consequences will be very fatal related to the date of departure and also moments that you will not be able to repeat.

Incorrect booking dates may be tolerated if the purpose is in the country will be very fatal if the goal is to go abroad.

The reason will be very different when choosing a flight during the summer or during the winter if the destination is on holiday there is no festival that can be visited at all.

Wrong Hotel Booking

Successful errors when choosing the wrong date will also choose the wrong hotel.

When you want to book a hotel, surely the condition of the room really matches the one in the picture.

Moreover, it is a matter of location. Is it far from the city center or on the edge of the city? Likewise, considering transportation access to hotels near or far or must use other feeder vehicles so that you will pay more.

Incorrect Determining the Itinerary

Determining travel plans is not a trivial matter even though it is arranged in a simple way, for example when doing a sequence of tourist attractions that must be visited.

Without experience at all and also blind maps at all will make it difficult for you to determine what tourist attractions should be visited first and the last visited in one day.

You can decide to visit the most distant tourist attractions in advance from the hotel and then navigate it until you approach the tourist attractions closest to the hotel for the last destination.

Of course it depends on your own taste. On the other hand you can also determine the tourist destination closest to the Hotel if because it really feels like that way.

Wrong Choose Vacation Places

If you are on vacation alone Of course there is no entertainment place that does not suit your own taste because you can go right then but if you vacation with friends especially with your family you have to determine the most suitable vacation spot for them.

Those are some trivial mistakes that you must avoid. Be a smart traveler by reading and doing small research before traveling alone especially with family or friends.

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